UX London

As researchers, we don't often get feedback about inclusivity in our practise. Upon further investigation, we might discover that we rarely consider users with accessibility needs, mostly because we don't plan ahead. This talk at UX London by Aleks Melnikova, explores the topic of inclusion in research.

Design Inclusive Research

I co-designed a game for this talk composed of a deck of 120 cards and a board for participants to simulate real life situations during a research project and challenging them to consider accessibility needs.

The aim of the deck is to teach about research as a discipline and to be a gentle reminder that we should always be inclusive.

The cards are grouped in 8 categories: problems, restrictions, outcomes, audience, methods, types, stimuli, inclusion and disruptors.

As the game becomes progressively harder, the participants are called to make choices and deliver a final research plan - with inclusion in mind.



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